EFM 2011
Comet representatives still have availability for appointments on Sunday 13th and Monday 14th February at the EFM in Berlin. Please contact sales@saturnsoftwareinc.com to make an appointment or +44 7941 130 810 to contact us at the market in Berlin.
January 6th 2011

During the winter break the Saturn implementation team was busy rolling out data transfers of 6 new libraries at sites for clients in London, Toronto, Los Angeles and Asia as more and more customers turn to Comet to support their rights management needs. Yet again projects were delivered within budget and on target with minimal business interruption to ensure early business benefit for Comet users working in both front and back office capacities. In addition Saturn delivered a number of exciting and powerful expiring rights reports to help sales executives capitalize on valuable new windows becoming available based on event-driven triggers such as release date and delivery.


November 30th 2010

During the month of November Saturn Software implemented a major platform upgrade for Comcast International, whose international department has been using Comet for over 10 years. Programmers and analysts utilized rapid application development technologies to respond quickly to user feedback and requests ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.


November 8th 2010

Saturn’s sales representatives enjoyed a lively week at this year’s American Film Market™ in Santa Monica, CA where Comet’s new Format 5 availability report was received with excitement by existing customers and new business prospects alike. The new report combines a clearly laid out sales history by territory and title, with a highly condensed availability columns showing available, sold, non-exclusive, resale, holdback and no-rights windows on a right category basis.


October 8th 2010

MIPCom was booked solid with Comet™ new business meetings with forward-thinking distribution companies at MIPCom this week. Decision makers love Comet’s sales tracking and sales ledger management modules which are unrivalled for ease of use, functionality and the information they generate for the front- and back-office business executive. They are also impressed by Comet’s established client base and its stellar track record serving the international film and TV distribution businesses over the past 14 years.



Older Posts:


Distributors using Comet have long been able to print out availability reports, deal memos and invoices immediately, as well as track titles in development, sales leads, and servicing elements among many other functions important for film and television distribution business. Over 40 film and television distributors depend on Comet for their rights management needs. These exciting new features improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales processing for companies using Comet as well the day to day experience of their busy executives:


Comet has a single screen to handle all aspects of contract fulfillment, including document and notice generation, servicing deliveries, purchase orders, loan-item tracking, and general to-do items based on the user-defined contract types and tape duplication and delivery methods.  Comet populates user-created Word® templates with contract and servicing information and attaches them to e-mails in Outlook, complete with the distribution list, subject, and body.  Users may instantly filter the screen based on title, territory, status, customer and other criteria.  Extensive reports show the information in numerous formats.



A new module e-mails a daily report  to designated users showing upcoming key dates, such as expiration of rights that will soon be available to resell.  An easy to use setup screen is used to specify what items are sent and the lead times by recipient.



Comet will instantly generate a long form contract in Word® from information entered into Comet using your own template.  Comet fills in fields and tables

with Comet contract data. 



The Comet rights management system's cash flow forecasting module is unparalleled by any other rights management system. This module can provide you with a variety of reports forecasting monthly cash flow.


Using its sophisticated event calculation engine based in part on statistical analysis, this new Comet reports module will predict the date of cash flow with astonishing accuracy. Comet will also adjust foreign currency contracts to current rates. Comet uses historic customer payment patterns as a basis for aging forecasting. The reports are available as detail itemized reports or summary reports by title or customer.


The reports break down the source of the cash flow by:


- Invoiced and unpaid amounts

- Un-invoiced amounts

- Pending contracts

- Royalties and overages

- Future new sales



Saturn Software Inc. specializes in business software for International film and television distributors and studios.  With the largest customer base of any similar software, Saturn's products address issues related to film and television rights management and reporting, finance and accounting, contract generation, contract fulfillment, delivery of product, royalties tracking, inventory of materials, acquisition of product, and scheduling.  Saturn also specializes in integrating its products and data with other business systems and custom software development. Saturn's products are developed with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Visual Basic.NET,  and make extensive use of Microsoft Office automation so the user and enterprise can fully benefit from the most advanced technologies available.  For more information please contact sales@saturnsoftwareinc.com