Comet Rights Management Software

In addition to being a repository of data, Cometproduces a vast array of reports and documents with one-button ease. The program concurrently services the data and workflow needs of multiple departments including contracts, sales, marketing, finance and distribution.

Comet was designed to maximize the effectiveness of sales activity from negotiation through provisional sale, deal memo and approved contract. Multiple location operation means that deals may be entered, printed, checked and executed off-site without processing delay. Synchronization or Internet Access provides Flexibility on the road.

Comet has an integrated Contract Management system that tracks the status of all contracts, what is being processed, who is responsible for the most recent action, and what the next step to do is. There is a user-definable template of all tasks that must be performed on a new contract. As the contract moves from being a pre-executed to a fully executed contract, the list changes. 

Comet's integral servicing module provides traffic departments with a full range of components for materials management. Duplication, library management of loan items, shipping, satellite delivery and invoicing is supported at the feature title, series and/or episode level. An extensive bank of reports allows users to track delivery, contract fulfillment and overdue loan items.

Invoicing and Cash Receipts

Comet consolidates the contract with the accounting process, prompting the financial user to Create and Track Invoices for fees, guarantees, royalties, overages, participant investment income and materials recharges.

Financial and Management Reports

Users can select from a bank of Over One Hundred Financial Reports filtered by a variety of user-selected criteria which can be e-mailed from the screen or exported to Microsoft Excel or Word. Alternatively users can generate their own reports and save the layouts.

Acccounting Integration

Comet creates balanced, user-defined transaction level journal entries, varied by contract type, for export to corporate accounting programs and producer-royalty reports.

Customized Rights and Territories

Comet's 3-level rights hierarchy is user definable and rights at the highest level can be added to a deal with a mixture of default include/exclude settings at the subsidiary levels. Territories are user definable and can be set to any combination of parent/child and conflict relationships. A Territory Group filter provides an easy entry method for fast contract construction.