Business Affairs

Catalog management (Title Setup)
Houses information for all features, series, episodes, specials and clips individually, by genre, season, code number, groupings, synopsis, producer, copyright holder, principals, inventory, availability status and other ad-hoc categorizations. It establishes the key standing data to be used in the Comet distribution and reporting process.  

System-wide support for series/episode management

  • Contracts
    Allows for acquisition and licensing of titles in domestic and international markets for multiple right categories. All types of contracts are accommodated for such as Acquisitions and Productions, Sales, Sub-Distribution, 3rd Party agreements. Tracks all contract specifications including, but not limited to term, territory, fees, rights sold or acquired and all exclusions, exclusivities and holdback and blackout windows. Generates contractual paperwork for execution of agreements; invoicing of fees and advances by payment term; tracking of royalty statements; servicing of each title’s masters with in-built credit controls; monitors current availabilities and expiring rights.
  • Script Development
    Comet helps development executives, sort, manage and process new product opportunities with a searchable and reportable register of ideas, scripts and trailers. Tracks projects in development, including evaluation on a 1-10 scale for numerous characteristics. Special feature allows cutting and pasting e-mails from outside script reviewers directly into Comet.