Executive Management

  • Reporting tools (General Reports)
    Comet has a bank of over 200 financial and rights management reports, filtered by a variety of user-selected criteria. Reports can be emailed from the screen or exported to Microsoft Excel or Word. Identify re-sale opportunities as they arise with expiring license reports; critical in the tracking of sales by customer and title; monitoring current accounts receivable and payables and processing accurate sales catalogues.  Comet is an extremely flexible system, creating the ability to customize reports based on our clients ever-growing business needs.
  • Contract Search
    Fast and powerful lookups based on right, customer, territory, company, salesperson etc.
  • System Filtering
    This module allows the user to filter data shown in screens and reports to a wide range of parameters, specific for each area of business, providing flexibility while working in Comet.
  • Email notification
    Set up distribution lists for automatic notification of contractual trigger events including expiring rights, black-outs, sell-offs, release triggers, holdbacks, loan periods. The module automatically sends email notices to specified users at multiple intervals (e.g. 120, 60, 30, 14, 7 days).