For the Back Office

  • Customer account management (Customer profile)
    Core data repository for all tax information, contacts and addresses, negotiated rates and discounts, technological fulfillment and shipping account information.
  • Invoicing
    System wide prompt-list management of multi-period payment terms and installments based on trigger events such as execution or delivery of materials. Push-button, multi-title invoicing with automatic generation of payment term descriptions and due dates, invoice addresses, bank payment account details, currency amounts and sales tax calculations. Automatic calculation of currency differences. Handles foreign currency fees, guarantees, royalty and materials recharges.
  • Receipts
    Partial payments and multi-invoice cash application, with automatic currency gain/loss calculations, bank charge and VAT calculations. Applications are tracked not only by customer and contract, but by title as well. Integration with participant reports.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting 
    Comet has ability to combine invoiced amounts and to-be-invoiced amounts, including estimated royalties into report forecasting cash flow. Comet allows entering customer payment patterns for more realistic forecasting.  Average historic overdue payment history by customer computed.
  • Accounting / General Ledger integration
    Creates automatic balanced, user-defined transaction level journal entries (revenue, receivables and payments etc.), varied by contract type, for export to your accounting program, including Dynamics, Sage, Peachtree, QuickBooks and others
  • Producer royalty reporting
    Generate periodic participant statements based on receipt applications, showing previous balance to date, current amounts and ending balances to avoid under- or over-reporting of revenue, based on reporting intervals, caps, splits, recoupment of expenses and advances, changing recoupment orders/splits and crossing. Direct import and categorization of recoupable expenses from a G/L accounting program based on account code groupings. Management of guarantee payments.
  • Box Office Tracking
    Allows entry of box office results by territory and title. 
  • Royalties / Overages (Sales and Sublicenses)
    Automatic calculation of royalty payment terms and amounts due including receipt reconciliation. Accommodates for multiple sales commissions. Tracking of contractual terms such as reserves, refurbishing/reshelfing charges, drop shipments etc., and creating standardized royalty notices and reports.
  • AFTRA and talent reports
     An AFTRA and talent royalty reporting module computes royalties based on air dates during a set date range.
  • Music Rights Reporting
    Music rights and royalty reporting (Harry Fox, MCPS)
  • Finished Goods Sales Ordering and Stock Control 
    Distribution and monitoring of finished goods in the home use market, allows for direct sales to the retail consumers as well as tracking direct shipments to wholesalers and fulfillment from the manufacturer. Handles both sale and purchase orders, while keeping an accurate control on the inventory of finished goods.