Sales Department

  • Availability
    Accurate, user-customized, tailor-made availability reports are generated in several formats by title or territory.  Options to show both ownership and sold rights; can be made to include event-driven dates, daisy-chained holdbacks, release and exclusivity windows; Allows for the inclusion of product information such as synopsis, program format, genre, talent and year produced.
  • Sales activity tracking (Interest Tracking)
    For more targeted sales, Comet will allow on-screen view of all titles being pitched to a potential customer, displaying rights availability by title and interest level with filtering for genres and markets. Includes direct ordering of screening tapes and can be enabled for internet streaming or download. Activities drive sales follow up and provide middle-office data mining opportunities by territory, title or customer. Can switch view instantly to see all interest by customer, title or territory.  
    The module also drives back-office sales status activity reports for producers and other investor/participants.
  • MS Exchange / MS Business Contact Manager Integration
    Comet integrates with standard MS Office PID and CRM solutions for addresses, reminders and calendars in support of sales, legal and contract fulfillment requirements. Comet also supports an interface to some versions of ACT! by Sage Software.
  • Web front-end : product database, e-Commerce and download components
    Comet can be configured to interface with your existing corporate website to provide a shop front incorporating graphics (one sheets, photos) and trailers (streaming video) in support of its valuable audio-visual catalog. Filtering may include availability by right category and territory as well as key title indices, including genre, running length, completion status, year of production, cast and crew and other flexible groupings. Shopping cart functionality can be integrated for placing of direct orders with a salesperson, including titles, territories, rights, runs, MGs and freeform proposal of additional contractual terms. Comet can be configured to allow password protected download of screening and broadcast quality video as well as other digital resources such as graphics, scripts, credits, cue sheets.