Servicing and Fulfillment

  • Tape and physical inventory management
    Storage, retrieval and bar coding of original source masters, loan tapes and other stock / inventory items associated with the title. Manages the tracking of all masters and elements, including film, video, slides, trailers and documentation across multiple locations. Logs language tracks� location and access agreements. Tracks loan items with automatic printing of overdue notices.
  • Fulfillment
    Create a process map with event-dependencies for fulfilling each category of contract, including contract deadlines and completion, duplication dates, ship dates, loan return dates with automatic mail merging to email, letter and/or purchase order templates. Integrates with:
  • Integrated servicing
    Comet can handle all aspects of duplication and loan servicing, including creation of duplication orders/purchase orders; commercial invoices/customs and excise invoices; itemized materials invoices; loan items and loan item bicycling; selection of best matching master version; bar code inventory and bar code shipment and tracking; replacement orders 
  • Notices and Delivery
    Title-level contractual event management, providing a integrated view of landmark dates and triggers for each product sold. Integrates with availability, invoicing, email notification and other reports/processes.
  • Recharge of recoupable contract fulfillment expenses
    Recharge of materials fees, integrated with contractual terms, purchase orders and general ledger accounting process.